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A Board Game Masterpiece — Shop of the Week #7

Shop of the Week #7

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on May 21, 2022

A Board Game Masterpiece — Shop of the Week #7

Another partner seller on the Diremo platform, we are delighted to welcome Arimaa as our seventh Shop of the Week. Arimaa is a board game manufacturing business that takes its own unique approach to the style and aesthetics of board games. Its board designs are handcrafted from marble and the individual game pieces are made from durable materials. Indeed, such is the extent to which Arimaa focuses on ensuring a high quality product that each board is manufactured from a single slab of marble – a measure to ensure the durability and presentation of it’s product. Currently, Arimaa accepts Ethereum as a purchasing currency; Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other stablecoins are not currently offered as a means of consumption.

The centrepiece to the Arimaa company, the Arimaa Game Set is a unique board game that offers an intriguing experience for players of any age. The product description of the set is as follows:

“This set features handsomely designed animal theme pieces in gold and silver color. Each piece is made of solid, durable plastic with a metal filled base to make it stable and prevent tipping. The bottom of the piece contains a felt pad to allow smooth sliding on the board. The beautiful marble design board is made of one solid piece and does not fold. One side of the board is printed with the Arimaa pattern and the other side has a checkered pattern for playing Chess. The set also includes a colored pamphlet with illustrated instructions on how to play Arimaa.

The Arimaa set also doubles as an animal theme Chess set when you flip over the board. Kids love playing with the animal theme pieces, making Chess more fun and interesting for them.”

If you are interested in purchasing this game from the Arimaa platform, you must be willing to part with the small sum of 0.0228581 ETH, or $44.95 as it is accordingly worth in paper currency. Thank you for reading about our fourth shop of the week. If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback, feel free to email our Community and Content Lead, Arthur Sadrian, via his Diremo email or reach out to him on Linkedin.