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Feeling American Right About Now... — Diremo Shop of the Week #8

Diremo Shop of the Week #8

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on May 28, 2022

Feeling American Right About Now... — Diremo Shop of the Week #8

A non-native, though nonetheless high quality brand, Diremo’s eighth shop of the week is USAFoods, an Australia based corporation that manufactures American food. Featuring hundreds of products on their seller page, USAFoods provides anything from Airheads, to Altoids, to Amy’s Organic Split Pea Soup. According to their official seller page description, USAFoods states, “Don't settle for imitations - Buy REAL American Food in Australia at USA Foods - We deliver Australia wide from items that are in-stock and ready to ship - Shop FREE Click & Collect in Melbourne - Family owned and Operated since 1997.” Purchasing on USAFoods is possible for all consumers with shares of Bitcoin; stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies are not currently accepted as payment.

An integral component to American culture, Diremo’s deal of the week is the featured A1 Steak Sauce Original on USAFoods’ seller page. Available for 0.0003449 BTC ($9.99 USD) the product description is featured below:

A1 Original Steak Sauce delivers the classic A1  flavor you love to enhance your family's favorite dishes. This delicious sauce combines tomatoes, garlic, crushed oranges and an intricate mix of spices for a zesty flavor you can't resist. Add this multi-purpose sauce to steak, chicken, beef or pork, or use it as a dipping sauce. Brush this bottled steak sauce on chicken wings for extra flavor, add it to pot roast for a bold kick or dress up pork chops for a delicious dinner. Each bottle is resealable to help lock in flavor. From steak sauce to marinades and meat rubs, A1 adds delicious flavor to all your family favorites.

By viewing this product via our platform, you are not only supporting us, but also USAFoods. Please consider doing so.Thank you for reading shop of the week. If you have any questions or would like to leave feedback, feel free to email our Community and Content Lead, Arthur Sadrian, via his diremo email or reach out to him on Linkedin.