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Hiring Generalists at Diremo, and Introducing Our New Sales & Operations Lead

Introducing Anand, Sales and Operations Lead and our newest addition to the team.

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on Apr 10, 2022

Hiring Generalists at Diremo, and Introducing Our New Sales & Operations Lead

Diremo has grown considerably in the past few weeks, not only through the onboarding of advisors but also as a result of a growing number of available products, partner sellers,  and more. Through this time of growth, however, our team has remained relatively homogenous. We have several teams: a growth team with sales, marketing, and community teams, as well as product and engineering of course.

Like any startup at this stage, we’re scaling and growing quickly and are hiring fast. For some roles, we’re taking a generalist approach to hiring — we hire those who have a broad range of skills and experiences, and most importantly, are motivated to build our vision and can pick up new skills fast.

When we met Anand Vandrevala, and student based in London, he struck us as this exact type of person to bring onto the team. Anand is experienced in company marketing and sales, and comes from a strong finance and investment background. In his academic experience, he currently serves as President of Government and Investment societies at a top school in London. His strong foundation in economics, with skills like analyzing and pitching companies and negotiating deals, makes him a knowledgeable addition to our team from a sales and marketing standpoint. In addition, through his work, he’s made some incredible connections across the world with major players in world business, technology, and more.

In welcoming Anand onto our team, we have decided to take a more general approach of integration. Rather than assign him a concrete role, he’ll be able to navigate the company as he pleases by being present to meetings from every team. From there, he will be engendered to discover and join on to the branch that he truly feels passionate about. This type of onboarding can be massively beneficial to generalists in startups — by allowing new members of the team to work where they learn the most and make the moist impact, they’ll feel most comfortable and motivated to put their best foot forward for the company at this stage. Not to mention, permitting members of the team to bounce between departments as they please speeds up the onboarding process of meeting everyone on the team which ultimately creates a more dynamic working environment. It’s our priority to create a team of incredibly motivated people here at Diremo, so that we can scale fast and build our vision for the future of e-commerce. Generalists are great to have on the team at this stage, and Anand is a perfect example of someone we’re excited to have on and make an impact throughout all areas of the company.

In short, welcome to the team Anand! — we’re excited to have you. If you’d like to contact Anand directly, feel free to email him via anand@diremo.org.