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How Has Diremo Sought to Develop its Product? An Interview with Co-Founder Daniel de Beer

Take a look inside of Diremo's product team.

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on Jun 12, 2022

How Has Diremo Sought to Develop its Product? An Interview with Co-Founder Daniel de Beer

What are your responsibilities on the product team?

On the product team, we cover everything from the appearance of the website to coordination with the software development team to brainstorming ideas for how we can improve the product. In my role, I work very closely with Gabriel on the engineering side. I show him my vision for the product and he and I develop them. It’s a very iterative relationship where I tell him, “this is what users want”; we'll build it; I'll deploy it, and then I'll see if users like it or not. For this, I conduct approximately twenty-five customer interviews weekly, forwarding any feedback or criticism – and positivity – to Gabriel. This process continues to oscillate as we work to improve the product for our customers.

My personal responsibilities include managing the product and engineering team, interacting with the Diremo community, and working with the software engineers. Since we are a fast-growing startup, everything we do is done with a timeline in mind. This means that we are often working on rigid deadlines where it might only be a matter of days to incorporate a feature into our product. In order to keep up, I have to be very quick to incorporate any feedback we receive via our feedback form and customer interviews. Because of our small and fast-growing nature, we need to sustain a close relationship with our customers to keep up with our ever-changing user base. In short, the product team serves as the backbone of the company, keeping customers satisfied and developing Diremo at a high velocity.

Could you describe your experience as a Co-Founder?

It is no secret that managing a team requires leadership. On my part, I take the lead on the product and engineering side of the company. I have to be a beacon for everyone on those teams to look to in terms of that what is expected for customer interaction. I also have to be on top of building out our product efficiently. This is because, if we want to accomplish a lot, we have to be moving forward at all times. In my role, I am often having to deal with very quick turnarounds, and I embrace it, because it's only with this fast paced environment that we can actually get the work done and iterate on the product while reacting to the customers. Having a team of amazing people I can count on help me program the product and connect with our customers. I like to think of it as the more perspectives the merrier, and it's my role to draw out as many perspectives not only from our team, but from our entire audience.

Where does the product team overlap with other facets of the company?

Our product and engineering team is very closely tied with sales and marketing. With every new feature that we build, it's up to the marketing team to get as many eyes on our new development, and shine a positive light on it. Because I have the insight into what customers want, I can pass that onto the marketing team, allowing them to market out our product in a way that's appealing to the most customers. The sales team, on the other hand, are the people that actually bring us our customers. Without them, we would not have any sellers on our product.

What measures have you taken to reach out to the broader crypto community?

I know that I’ve already talked a lot about this, but we’ve already been taking measures to ramp up our customer interviews. When Diremo started, we only did about five interviews each week, but now we’re verging on twenty five interviews each. In short, we’re growing very quickly to the point where people are reaching out to us with feedback, which is even better. That said, we are far from achieving optimal outreach and therefore our goal is to continue getting as much feedback as possible from our user base. We really want to build something that people want, and if we build something without input, we’ll be blinded by our own vision when we need to take into account the vision of our entire user base.

What are some of the product team’s long term goals?

My long term goal is to get to a place where we have maximized input in terms of our customers, getting as much feedback as possible, and maximizing that key metric of input and output. With that working at full capacity, we’d be able to churn out the product's features at a much higher velocity, which will further grow our user base. That’s what users love and that’s how we can endeavor to retain them.