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Diremo – E-Commerce on the Blockchain

How Diremo Works – A Brief Guide

We explain how to use Diremo, the Amazon of crypto.

By Gabriel Romualdo  •  Published on May 2, 2022

How Diremo Works – A Brief Guide

What is Diremo?

Diremo is a decentralized marketplace built for the growth of web3.0 and cryptocurrencies. On Diremo, we connect buyers who own crypto and sellers who want to sell physical products in exchange for crypto.

How does it work?

On Diremo, we have two types of products: external and native. External products come from sellers no affiliated with Diremo. We host their products on our website for buyers to discover and get redirected to their page.

On the other hand, native products are listed by sellers directly partnering with Diremo. Native products are sold using our payment functionality, meaning you’ll have to sign in with your wallet to order.

How can I sell on Diremo?

In order to sell your products on Diremo, you’ll have to join our Partnered Sellers Program. this program will boost your products to the front page, allow native transactions on our platform, and grant access to your own customizable link and store page.

For a limited time, we will be accepting sellers into our Partnered Sellers Program for no cost or fees. Visit or contact our Head of Sales,, to set up your shop on Diremo.

How do returns work?

Due to the volatile nature of crypto, returns can be tricky for sellers. Each native seller on Diremo has their own return policy that is available on their page. You’ll receive contact information for each seller when you order, so you should communicate directly with them with regards to returns.