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How to Spend Your Bitcoin and Crypto on Real Products

Learn about Diremo and other pioneering sales outlets that offer direct crypto-product transactions at zero commission fees.

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on May 30, 2022

How to Spend Your Bitcoin and Crypto on Real Products

With the rise of Web 3.0 and the increased presence of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, the sidelong question has arisen: what actual applications does crypto have? After all, it’s in the name; cryptocurrencies are currencies and they must thus have some real world applications if they are to be called as such. So what are these applications?

Lamentably, the current standing for crypto in the broader marketplace is highly limited. Indeed, past the fact that cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase non-tangible or illegal goods such as drugs, NFTs and other cryptocurrencies, there are few applications of crypto that pertain to the non monetary side of the marketplace. That said, it would be untrue to proport crypto as a single faceted stock, nor representative of crypto’s sheer potential. Indeed, stocks such as Bitcoin and other Stablecoins are extremely versatile with a huge breadth of potential to be manipulated – as some startups and venture capital firms have already discovered.

One of the most prominent current initiatives geared towards expanding the applications of crypto is the transactional opportunity of a crypto/physical-product exchange system by which consumers can spend their stock to purchase products such as household appliances, furniture, computers, watches and copious other categories too numerous to list here. This up and coming idea has promoted an increase in the transactional breadth of crypto, in the long run intended towards bringing its marketplaces to the forefront of society.

We don’t think about it often, however, with an already digitalised system of payment, it would be the logical step forward to widen the spectrum of currencies accepted, making online shopping a more feasible endeavour for all consumers. Not only that, but the implementation of crypto in a FOREX setting would establish a medium of transaction where, without having a distinct currency/country correlation, a more cosmopolitan marketplace could be fostered.

Where to go?

Already, several start-ups have taken notice of this perceived economic inefficiency and are taking action to correct it. Most prominently is the platform Diremo, a decentralised marketplace operating on the blockchain that offers crypto to product transactions at zero commission fees. Self identifying as “the Amazon for crypto” their dense resources offer not only a pleasant experience for browsers, but a convenient one, as they currently bear host to over 50,000 products on their site.

How to set up on Diremo:

In order to unlock the full Diremo experience, one must follow a fairly straightforward set of steps. Indeed, it proves so easy to convert to this site that there are only four steps to the entire process.

Step 1 - Connect Your Wallet - Before you can start making purchases on Diremo, you must connect your crypto wallet. This step is short but necessary, as there is no other way to purchase on the site. Just go to the “Connect Wallet” icon on the top right corner of the main page to do this.

Step 2 - Browse and Select – Diremo invites you to look through over 50,000 products before you choose what you want to buy. Some of these products are offered natively and some are not, however, all guarantee a 0% transaction fee, ensuring maximum potential consumer satisfaction.

Step 3 - Enter your shipping details. These are sent securely to the seller with end to end encryption protecting your information at all stages of the process. Diremo prioritises the safety of its buyers and will take very seriously any feedback regarding safety concerns.

Step 4 - Finally, after you pay you receive a personalised NFT receipt as a proof of purchase token. This is an aspect unique to Diremo. It is currently not offered elsewhere.

Who to Talk To

Although this is a relatively new field of e-commerce, there are several “experts” currently operating within the crypto-product exchange market. Most prominently, once again, are the founders of Diremo who have dedicated hundreds of hours towards learning the intricacies of the trade. If you’d like to reach out to them with questions about the process, getting involved, or anything else, they would be happy to speak via e-mail and, as a rule of thumb, are fairly quick to respond. You can get in touch with Co-CEOs Gabriel Romualdo and Vincenzo Francia via their Diremo e-mails – respectively, and They are also willing to give references, so if you are seeking further consolation, they provide the ideal lead into the crypto community.


Although there are few ways currently to exchange crypto for tangible products, those in circulation are high in quality and quickly on the rise. Indeed, it is through pioneering start-ups like Diremo that crypto is being catapulted forward through milestones previously not thought possible. Diremo and other similar (albeit smaller) firms may be the first on the block, however, they are the roots of a soon-to-boom exchange industry that will, no doubt, take its place at the forefront of technology in the next decade.