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Influencer Partnerships at Diremo and in the Crypto Space

How Diremo harnesses celebrity connections in the e-commerce space.

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on Apr 10, 2022

Influencer Partnerships at Diremo and in the Crypto Space

Excluding consumption from the public, the composition of a start-up’s outreach agenda is divided into three distinct categories: funding, advice and promotion. Each of these categories have their respective merit and, without them, it is unlikely that any small company will live to see much growth. For this very reason, we at Diremo are committed to fostering the growth of each of these industries. Starting off, the most important aspect of outreach for us is funding. Funding is paramount to a start-up’s success, and, appropriately, we give it a predominant spotlight. In a close second, Diremo utilizes its many connections to secure experienced and trustworthy advisors. We currently have over ten CEOs, programs and crypto-veterans backing our services. Their wisdom permits us a sense of security whenever we are tasked with making a pivotal decision. The final aspect of our outreach plan – promotion – receives an underwhelming amount of exterior recognition, however, it proves nonetheless crucial to our process of expansion.

For Diremo, promotion entails several objectives. As our long term plans dictate, our process of promotion is subdivided into “agglomerated” and “depth oriented” endeavors (as they have come to be known). Our “agglomerated” agenda consists of impression based initiatives such as advertising (mainly through the social media forum Reddit) and product referencing to acquaintances. Focused more on scale than quality, such undertakings are ostensibly important, however, their value pales in comparison to Diremo’s “depth oriented” promotional agenda. For Diremo, depth oriented promotion is a process composed of making meaningful, long lasting connections with notable figures in the crypto space. By receiving references and promotion from these established individuals, Diremo can effectively ground its audience around the subject of crypto in a manner that is more likely to attract potential spenders. At the head of this frontier is our Influencer Partnerships Lead, Leonardo Colavita, who has been working consistently to develop these connections.

The process of obtaining endorsements, as Leonardo elucidates, can be quite the task in its early phases. “Because we’re just starting out“ he explains, “I’ve been emailing influencers directly to see if they’d be interested in working a deal out that would be beneficial for everybody.” He expands that this kind of outreach can be admittedly unreliable on a small scale and, therefore, the process be repeated many times over.

Trying to find influencers who speak to an “audience of crypto holders” who believe crypto to be “a currency and not an asset,” Leonardo mentions that there have already been some early stage successes. According to Leonardo, “we already have at least one influencer interested in selling products on Diremo.” Not to mention, he explains that this undisclosed influencer has also annunciated the possibility of promoting Diremo to his thousands of followers in exchange for seller benefits on Diremo. This partnership is due to accomplish the ideal circumstance of increasing both our publicity and sales.

In the long term, Diremo seeks to bring together a diverse array of influencers, all of whom share the homogenous focus of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Leonardo stresses that “the most important thing is looking for the right people.” Although the quantity of influencers can spread the word about our product, we can only achieve a base of regular buyers by appealing to the esoteric communities most invested in the success of crypto. Not only would marketing to this audience create a strong community base around Diremo, but it would establish a more inelastic structure of consumer loyalty that would ultimately make Diremo more resistant to competitors. Leonardo goes as far as to assert the “pointlessness” of “reach[ing] out to the wrong people.”

On a side note, Leonardo mentions that many of the influencers he reaches out to for promotions “own their own products in the crypto space.” It is plausible, he opines, that these influencers could become partner sellers at the company some day – yet another reason why connecting with the crypto space in this manner is beneficial.

When asked for final words regarding influencer partnerships at Diremo, Leonardo stresses that influencer partnerships are not just about “one time posts” and “partner sellers”. More accurately, these partnerships are about “building strong relationships with influencers and their audiences.” It is ultimately important to recognise that as our publicity on the internet grows so will our reliability and so will our product.