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Launching Diremo: The Amazon of Crypto

We just launched Diremo: the Amazon of crypto. Diremo is a platform where people with crypto can find and buy physical products.

By Gabriel Romualdo  •  Published on Mar 26, 2022

Launching Diremo: The Amazon of Crypto

Yesterday we launched Diremo: the Amazon of crypto, where you can discover over 60,000 physical products sold with your favorite cryptocurrencies.

There are tens of thousands of physical products on the platform, all available to buy with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. Products are split into categories you'd expect, like Electronics, Beauty, and Entertainment, and everything is searchable in seconds.

There are also a huge variety of products on the platform, some fun ones are: car parts, Taylor Swift albums, a collection of Wu Tang Clan backpacks, and even $14 million apartments; all sold with crypto.

If you have any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, or Monero, you can search from tens of thousands of products sold with crypto on Diremo and pay with your coins at checkout.

So, go to and start browsing 60K+ physical products sold with crypto! Here are some shops and products to start with too:

This is just the first release of Diremo; right now we're simply a system for crypto-owners to easily discover and buy real products sold with crypto. Why? — as I discussed in my most recent article titled Why I Co-Founded Diremo, it's hard to find shops online that accept crypto today. Yes, there are handy plugins like Coinbase Commerce and Bitpay that let sellers accept crypto easily, but there's no central platform for finding those shops and products that take crypto as payment. This initial release of Diremo is built to solve that discoverability problem.

For me, this is a dream come true: I have thousands of dollars in crypto that I've wanted to buy real products with for a while. (I'm not really into crypto investing or buying digital Monkeys). For other ordinary people that have crypto, we hope you find Diremo to be a simple and fast way to find products that you want buy with crypto. Have crypto and want to buy a new keyboard, backpack, hoodie, or dress? Search the item you want to buy on Diremo first to see if there's a shop selling what you want for crypto.

Seller Verification and Concerns About Returns and Fraud

In using a platform like this, one main set of concerns you may have are related to fraud, returns, and reliability. These are big concerns for us too, and we're working to target them in key ways; we're building AI models to filter out shops with low reliability, we'll be working with Stripe on identity verification for our partnered sellers program, and, most importantly, we're building a reviews system for real buyers to share their experiences. We'll be publishing new material on how we'll be targeting these issues in the coming days, and these are some of the things we're really focusing on right now.

Give Us Feedback

Have feedback, ideas, or want to get in touch? Fill out our open-ended feedback form and leave your comments; it will take only a couple minutes of your time.

Feel free to shoot the team an email as well; I'm reachable at, my co-founders Vinci & Luigi are available at and, respectively.

Sell On Diremo

Interested in selling with crypto, and want to reach our audience on Diremo? Fill out this Seller Interest Form to apply or reach out to me:

We're currently taking a limited amount of pilot sellers for our new Partnered Sellers Program, where shops are able to sell with crypto for almost zero gas fees and access exclusive features like NFT-based shop communities, creating web3-powered buyer rewards programs, and communicating with buyers directly with end-to-end encryption.

If you're interested in the Partnered Sellers Program, make sure to fill out the Seller Form in the next month to have a better chance of getting into the program!

Work With Us

We're a motivated team of students focused on building the future of e-commerce with crypto. Right now we're looking for members of the team to join to build the product, bring new sellers on board, and spread the word throughout the crypto community and the e-commerce buyers in general.

At the moment we're really looking for people that are: excited to work in an early stage startup and blockchain project; fast and clear communicators; and eager to learn, take initiative, and bring new ideas to fruition. In particular, if you're excited by the web3 and blockchain space, Diremo is a perfect platform to be working on.

If you're interested, reach out at or free to message me on LinkedIn too.

Special Thanks To

The Diremo Team (of course!)

Huge thanks to the team that made this happen, here's a roundup of our current team:

  • Gabriel Romualdo — Co-Founder + Co-CEO; spent several sleepless nights building the product and the company.
  • Vinci Francia — Co-Founder + Co-CEO; got us some of our first Partnered Sellers, company advisors, came up with some of the incredible core ideas behind the product and vision.
  • Luigi Rivolta — Co-Founder + Chief Marketing Officer; developed our marketing strategy!
  • Daniel de Beer — Product, Sales, Community, & Content; interviewed countless customers and validated our ideas, and made key product feature decisions.
  • Arthur Sadrian — Content; wrote our first newsletter and most recent blog posts!
  • Rohan Biju — Design; gave insights on UI design of the site and designed graphics for the blog.
  • Daniel Xiao — Engineering & Backend Development. Currently building out ML models to prevent fraud and categorize products.
  • Advait Sen — Engineering Intern. Helped out with several features on the landing page!
  • Leonardo Colavita — Influencer Partnerships & Marketing. Working on partnering with influencers to spread the word about Diremo and show how any ordinary person can get into crypto and buy real products.

The first couple months were slow and we overcame many challenges along the way, and now we're moving super fast with the release of new features each week. I'm so proud of all of the team for building this initial version for release, and we're so excited to go even further and faster in the coming days.

Our Advisors

We have some incredible experts and friends that advise the company and have given us some great insights and help so far:

  • Omar Syed, Co-Founder of Shardeum; prev. at NASA, Yahoo, and Zynga. Thank you Omar for your consistent useful technical advice and for being one of our first partnered sellers!
  • Christian Ponce, Senior Director, Technology Alliances at Nexthink; prev. Corporate Strategy Director at LogMeIn. Thank you Christian for your continued advice on go-to-market strategy, marketing, and product!
  • Francesco Mosterts, Associate at XMonetae Capital. Thank you Francesco for your insights from a technical and financial perspective and your product advice!
  • BU Innovation Pathways Program. Thank you for connecting us with an awesome community of Boston-based founders and Boston University alumni advisors!

What's Next?

Stay tuned for updates on the blog — we'll be releasing articles when we have updates on each of the features and projects below.

Web3 Integrations

We're building integrations with web3 like wallet connection with Coinbase, Metamask, and others. These features are set to release next week.

Web3 features like integration with NFTs are also planned for release; we'll be building NFT receipts, where buying an item from a Partnered Seller gives the buyer an NFT as proof-of-purchase.

Partnered Sellers Program

Diremo Partnered Sellers is a program for sellers to sell with crypto natively on Diremo. We're planning to release the first Partnered Seller shop on Diremo in the next week.

Shop Communities, Buyer Rewards, & More with NFTs

NFT receipts as proof-of-purchase open the door for broader social e-commerce features. We'll be building shop communities – communities only accessible to buyers that have an NFT receipt for an item from a particular shop. Buyer rewards for frequent shoppers at specific shops is a feature we're planning as well. Web3 enables countless new features on top of e-commerce that we're working tirelessly to build.

That's all I had for this launch; stay tuned for new updates, feature releases, and blog posts in the next couple days.

Discover 60K+ products sold with your favorite cryptocurrencies on Diremo, the Amazon of crypto.

Check out Diremo at, and reach out to us at