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New Onboards and Features — Diremo Weekly Newsletter

Diremo Weekly Newsletter #5

By Gabriel Romualdo  •  Published on Apr 25, 2022

New Onboards and Features — Diremo Weekly Newsletter

Welcome back! Welcome back! Gabriel here with newsletter number five. We’ve had a great week and hope you have as well. Feel free to read through this list of updates, some of which you will undoubtedly find useful for site navigation and general understanding of our forum. After reading, if you’d like to leave us some feedback, do so via

Business Updates

  • This week, we welcome a new member to our team. Marco Falcone is an Italian based crypto enthusiast who will be joining us as a generalist.
  • Diremo will be closing its preliminary round of investments shortly and begin the process of becoming incorporated.
  • Our dedicated Head of Sales, Anand Vandrevala, has been working to bring on new partner sellers. We currently have three prospective partner sellers on top of those already on the platform.

Product Updates

  • Plans have been enacted to improve our blog and main page by adding more interactive features, links and quotes. We’ll keep you updated as this process transpires!
  • Our categories feature has been updated.
  • Our Shop of the Week feature has been running for one month now! We intend to keep this feature for the coming months. Let us know what you think about it by emailing Arthur, our Community and Content Lead.

New Blog Posts

Reach Out To Us

  • Feel free to reach out to our founding team: Gabriel Romualdo (, Vincenzo Francia (, and Luigi Rivolta (
  • If you have specific feedback about what we’re building, send it in directly to our team at We read every submission. Feel free to reach out to our community and product team directly at
  • If you’d like to get involved in the Diremo community or be a guest writer on our blog, email, our Content Lead.
  • If you’re interested in selling on the platform, apply to be a seller on our application form at

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