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Onboarding Alert: Welcome to the Team Marco!

Onboarding Alert: Welcome to the Team Marco!

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on Apr 24, 2022

Onboarding Alert: Welcome to the Team Marco!

The past week at Diremo has been marked by considerable marketing and cost allocation expansion. Through numerous calls since mid April, our marketing team has been working closely to effectuate a cohesive plan of action for the future. This process, as was agreed, would be sped-up by the addition of new experience to the marketing team. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome Marco Falcone as Diremo’s own Marketing Strategist.

Marco is a 24 year-old marketing graduate student, with 4 years of full-time work experience in marketing and communication at multiple marketing agencies. He has an undergraduate degree in Digital Marketing and is an incoming MIM student. He is an automotive and luxury enthusiast as well, a perfect fit for the types of products sold on Diremo. He specialises in marketing strategy, funnel marketing and digital advertising.

Marco explained that he got into Diremo through his second cousin – our Co-CEO – Vincenzo. “I got in touch with Vincenzo and Luigi to give them some advice on marketing,” Marco said. However, he elucidated that his relationship with the pair soon grew to be more than that. Marco recounted, “when they offered that I join Diremo, I accepted immediately. I like start-ups and find their process really stimulating and thought that it would be really fun to join.”

Prior to working at Diremo, Marco worked – and continues to work – at a digital marketing firm where he operates on a “vast advertising budget.” To achieve the level of experience that he has, Marco had to go through the usual formalities of small role services and work his way up to his current position.  He explains, “I started working in a company winery as an apprentice in business management. From there, I worked in business management and product design and had two part time work jobs.” He undertook all of these jobs in his current country of residence, Italy, and, at Diremo, he is looking forward to bringing his international perspective to the company.

So far, Marco has helped out with our price allocation team. Through his expertise, he has designed a color-coded spreadsheet to allocate the company’s costs, which, according to our Co-CEO Gabriel, are “the best spreadsheets [he’s] ever seen.”

We’re excited to have you Marco and look forward to your contributions!