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What it's Like to be a Software Engineer at Diremo

The intricacies of product development at Diremo.

By Diremo Staff  •  Published on Apr 16, 2022

What it's Like to be a Software Engineer at Diremo

Perhaps the most important component to any technology business, Diremo has worked hard on the software aspect of product development: building a secure, scaleable and easily accessible site for consumers. In the name of making Diremo what it is today, our small but skilled engineering team – Gabriel Romualdo, Daniel Xiao, and Advait Sen – have harnessed their extensive skills and experience to effectuate this necessity. Diremo’s Head of Engineering and Co-CEO, Gabriel Romualdo, was excited to meet with our Content Team, where he explained the intricacies intrinsic to product development.

Gabriel starts by explaining the language and tech stack that the team uses: “Our stack is pretty simple,” he begins. “We use MERN stack, which includes MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js. We do use Next.js as well. On the Web 3.0 side, we’re using WalletConnect and MetaMask.” In terms of how Diremo aligns with the blockchain, he notes that “[incorporating the blockchain] goes into every decision we make.”

Gabriel typically utilises hackathons when tasked with getting large amounts of work done. He delineates that the long periods of concentrated study they entail enable him to achieve maximum productivity. That said, Gabriel puts in time to code whenever necessary, spending frequent periods correcting errors and implementing minor details.

The process of creating a functioning website, however, cannot be so narrowly classified as simple lines of code. Gabriel explains that “building a product consists of a team deciding what features we want to build, then relaying that information to the engineering side that actually builds those features.”

Gabriel feels it important to stress that, when engineering teams work with product teams, good relationships are key. “I work closely with Daniel de Beer, our product manager,” Gabriel says. “Between us, we determine what our product roadmap is and how we reach our end goals. Then it’s fairly simple: I will take that, understanding both the back- and front-end requirements, and then I’ll build those features out.”

In fact, even during the process where the actual code is written, there remains an outstanding connection. Daniel and others on the product teams spend much of their time on call with Gabriel while he is coding.

However, product development is not all that Gabriel does. Alongside his programming duties, Gabriel elaborates “I’m also Co-CEO, where I do a lot of work around fundraising, operations and other areas of the company.”

Overall, be it through hackathons, bug fixes, or any other necessary tasks, software engineers at Diremo have honed their skills to work efficiently and ultimately produce a quality product.