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Diremo – E-Commerce on the Blockchain

Our Team

  • Gabriel Romualdo

    Founder & Co-CEO

    Gabriel is a founder with a passion for making an impact with tech. He's currently an Engineering Lead @ Speechify, an AI text-to-speech company, where he leads an engineering team building products for over 150 million monthly active users.

    Prior to working at Speechify, Gabriel worked at Shardus, a crypto and blockchain startup. In his free time, he writes articles for publications like GeeksforGeeks and does ML research at Harvard Medical School.

  • Vincenzo Francia

    Founder & Co-CEO

    Vincenzo is an international student born and raised in Italy with a strong passion for finance and tech. Vincenzo started in the e-commerce world after creating a sneaker reselling business, where he learned vital skills for an online business to succeed.

    He most recently interned at a top asset management firm which helped him learn key skills in relationships with customers, portfolio management, and cost management.

  • Luigi Rivolta

    Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

    Luigi is an international student with a passion for digital marketing and technology. He speaks five languages and is an excellent communicator.

    He's currently pursuing a diploma in marketing, giving him the skills to build out the marketing team here at Diremo. Luigi has always been interested in creating a business in the e-commerce world.

  • Anand Vandrevala

    Head of Sales

    Anand was born in America, but currently lives in London. He's completing his penultimate year at a top international school and taken is president of its Investment and Government clubs.

    He's interned at property consultancy firm Gardiner & Theobold, and M7 Real Estate, a property and investment firm. These experiences have informed wide-ranging skills and relationships across the world.

  • Daniel de Beer

    Head of Product

    Daniel is a student passionate about tech and business. He currently leads the online development of The Standard, one of the top international school newspapers in the world.

    Having lived in five countries and speaking three languages, he uses his global perspective to shape the world around him. He recently interned at Crane Venture Partners, a London-based VC firm. He also enjoys swimming, movies, and debating.

  • Arthur Sadrian

    Head of Content

    Arthur is an avid and experienced writer. Since his childhood, writing has taken him on a journey through which he produced 15 novels. His work has been bought by hundreds of readers on Amazon Kindle, giving him valuable experience writing to audiences on platforms like Amazon.

    As a high school student, he has engaged in writing courses at a college level and is the lead copy editor on his school's yearbook as well.

  • Marco Falcone

    Marketing Strategist

    Marco is a 24 year-old marketing graduate student, with 4 years of full-time work experience in marketing and communication at multiple marketing agencies. He has an undergraduate degree in Digital Marketing and is an incoming MIM student.

    Marco is an automotive and luxury enthusiast as well, a perfect fit for the types of products sold on Diremo. He specializes in marketing strategy, funnel marketing and digital advertising.